Welcome to Fractured Destiny, a campaign of diversity!

The Alryx homeworld, full of diversity and adventure. I run my own set of rules that I am trying to refine into a good publishing status. My rules are a little detailed, but there are no classes, levels, hit points or ‘fire and forget’ spell memorization. Any character can conceivably do anything another character can do, with a little luck. An old woman with a cane can conceivably bruise a heavily armored knight, if she’s lucky enough to hit him in just the right spot.

Magic is a free-flowing system, points-based, to allow any construct, from the subtle to the outrageous, that depends upon the caster’s skill and luck. Again, it’s possible for any fledgling wizard to cast any spell if given the time and luck to do so, though the higher the ability, the easier the task, just like anything.

Fractured Destiny